Easyscriber engrave attachment for Hypertherm torch's

considering a Koike Aronson 5x10 should i use flashcut or hypertherm edge ?

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considering a Koike Aronson 5x10 should i use flashcut or hypertherm edge ?

Post by HDxlr8 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:27 pm

:?: We currently have a import orphan table with a TD A120 on it.

i had everybody all set to go with a plasmacam 5x10 with a pm85 on it. spent a good time researching that. this site was a big help. dollar-wise this solution is quite doable, particularly in light of the variety of attachments you can put on the table, lots of interest in that.

we are in buffalo new york, Koike is down the road in Arcade, Bob head of building maint. knows one of their road warriors, Gary, who came in looked at our table and said it was a chinese knock off of a design he recognized. Can't do nothing for us not worth a retro-fit putting the last nail in that coffin (thanks)

we are going to their plant next week for a demo of one of their plasma table and also a waterjet table.i have no idea whatever the sticker shock will
be but i do need figure out which cnc controller to get flashcut titanium or hypertherm edge connect ?

any feedback would be a big help. i have seen some very positive postings regarding Flashcut

for back ground , one of our companies makes indoor air cleaners, the company i primarily work for makes spray foam/spray bedliner machines. i cut alot of the prototype parts for both companies. i also got them to buy the Radan package(SkyNet for cnc machines) with RadBend for our 6 axis Trumpf C66 cnc brake. radan supports plasmacam as well. the office people thought i was going to program the C66.

Chris Lee

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