Crossfire Pro - Review after 1 year use.

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SA Precision Cuts
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Crossfire Pro - Review after 1 year use.

Post by SA Precision Cuts »

Hello All! Just wanted to give some feedback of how my machine has been after using it for one year. It is great for the price and still happy that I bought this unit. I do have some things to share for Maintenance to ensure your table is running tip top.

I have installed some tubing underneath the table to set my Plasma Cutter unit and water tank which is helpful. Also I have heavy duty casters on my table so I can roll it around if needed.

Cleaning- I clean my scraps about once a month. I simply use a scrap of 16 gauge and "shovel" all the scrap into a bin and use a shopvac to get the remaining dust. Also I clean the rails (especially the bottom) with a rag and acetone. The reason I do this is because one time I was cutting and the x/y axis stopped during the cut. After inspecting, there was build up of soot underneath the zinced square tubing where the bearing roll on. This was too much for the bearings to overcome. So occasionally about every two weeks I will get a clean rag and acetone and wipe off all the soot. This soot is made from the splashing of water during the edge cuts of my table.

Check cables to the box! One time I was cutting at the unit stopped during midcut. I would move x/y and it would stop in certain spots. After loosening the bearing brackets thinking it may have tweaked, nothing was able to fix this. I started inspecting the cables to the computer mounted on the langmuir and found one of the motor cables loose!!! I had tightened it initially with the phillips screwdriver when I first got the unit and somehow it loosened up on its own.

These are the only two problems I have had due to operator error. Overall this table is a good buy. I have the Crossfire Pro (48x33). I use the Hypertherm 45xp with it and very happy with the results that it gives me.

I hope this helps for noobies of this table or anyone wanting to purchase this table.
If you want to see this table in action, check out my Tiktok page under sa_precision_cuts or check it out under Instagram on the name of saprecisioncuts.
If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!
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Re: Crossfire Pro - After 1 year use.

Post by adbuch »

Thanks for that helpful review. This will be very informative to fellow Langmuir table owners and prospective buyers alike.
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Re: Crossfire Pro - After 1 year use.

Post by Rftek »

Thanks for the tips SAPrecisionCuts!

I have the same combo (CFPRO/45XP) and after getting it dialed in it's running pretty good now.

Here's a tip for newbies:
-Add a pressure regulator/gauge right at the input to the plasma cutter. That's helped remove some issues with arc failures that I was having and you can troubleshoot quickly.
-Second, plasma cutting needs nice dry air. I use CT30 dessicant dryer, seems to work really well.
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Re: Crossfire Pro - Review after 1 year use.

Post by Gogo »

Motor Guard filter was the best thing I bought.
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