Desiccant Regeneration

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Desiccant Regeneration

Post by Pspider Support » Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:37 am

Many folks ask about reusing desiccant in the Sharpe 6760 air filter/drier and yes it can be dried out and reused many times.

The Sharpe 6760 holds 5lbs of desiccant and we suggest having 10lbs on hand so you can have dry desiccant ready to go into the unit at any time and dry the saturated desiccant out at your convenience.

Check out the video below if you have never done this before, it's really easy and very beneficial to this as soon as its needed.

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Re: Desiccant Regeneration

Post by acourtjester » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:47 pm

Great info I have dried desiccant for both Plasma and 3-D printer filament. As an added help I use a plastic tote make by sterilite (32 QT) as it has a gasket seal on the lid keeps out the moisture, good for storage of spare desiccant. They are had to find locally I found then in a Dollar General store, ($13.00 for one) do a search on the web to locate one, Walmart and Amazon want to sell package of 4 or more :Sad The image is from Home Depot as a clearance there gone. :Sad I also use mesh laundry bag to contain the desiccant for easy handling, dump it in and put it in the oven. :Like
sterilite 32 QT storage.JPG ... %3A2047675

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