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RE: CandCNC auxiliary output and Feather touch power

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RE: CandCNC auxiliary output and Feather touch power

Post by edclayton1 » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:11 pm

I had an idea about using one of my auxiliary power outputs on my bladerunner as a on/off switch for my Feather touch. I figure I may as well use them for something and presently i
Have my feather touch is hooked directly to my UPS via its power adapter which means it's on 24/7. This kind of make me nervous that eventually it might fry if I always leave it on. Does this seem like a good idea? I realize to switch it on I will have to remember to turn it on in mach3 as well unless Mach3 has a memory about such things as auxiliary output switch settings???
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Re: RE: CandCNC auxiliary output and Feather touch power

Post by WyoGreen » Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:07 am

You could probably modify your post to turn the output on at the beginning of the G code and off at the end.

I leave nothing plugged in at my shop when I'm not going to be there for a while. Not only is it a waste of power, but if it shorts out it could start a fire. (I've had that happen)

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Re: RE: CandCNC auxiliary output and Feather touch power

Post by tcaudle » Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:44 pm

The aux outputs can be controlled from G-Code or the screen buttons. SheetCAM will let you turn on off the outputs at the beginning and end of a file using the flood and mist option / The easiset way to do it is use a simple code snip (places G-code in a file before of after any operation(s) . To turn on the output you make a simple snip of "M07" or "M08" to turn on aux 1 or 2. Put it above the first operation, Then at the end (after last operations) put an "M09" snip to turn either or both the outputs off . SheetCAm used to have Flood and Mist tools in the operations but I can't find them on a plasma tool. There is one other way: modify the POST to turn on the specific output (using the M codes above) just before you turn on the torch . Its in the "OnPendown function and looks like : post.Text(" M03 \n")
You would put the following line directly above it : post.Text(" M07 \n")

There are a couple of places to put the M09 but the best might be in the OnFinish function that runs after all the cuts have been made. So it would turn it on at the first cut and leave it on until the end of the job.

The aux outputs are on only when the main power switch is on and turn off with that so if you are used to powering down the controller at the end of the day the aux outputs go off too (provided they are turned on via the screen or code.

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