Wood Routing with PVD Multiplatform CNC Table

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Wood Routing with PVD Multiplatform CNC Table

Post by kahn » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:26 pm

Has anyone used this CNC as a wood router? I'm really considering the purchase BUT - 90% of my work is wood - not metal. It's a hobby that makes a little side cash while keeping me occupied. This machine really hits all my "wants". I talked to a tech at JD Squared and he assured me that many users are wood routing with this machine but I cant find anyone who's using it for that.

I'm familiar with MACH3 and after talking to JD Squared tech, I can only use their software with their controller as it's proprietary. I don't mind learning another piece of software and swapping the controllers/drivers would be soooooo cost prohibitive.

I really love the design and the multi-table aspect (i.e. being able to plasma cut AND route wood) I'm hesitant not knowing how well it performs using an off the shelf router with the attachment available from JD Squared. Is there a way to attach and control a spindle? Now that would be perfect - but JD Tech support says it's not available.

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