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Miller Spectrum 1000

Post by DARRYL21270 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:04 pm

I had to send my cutter in for service a few months back and when it was returned they had lost the filter that attaches to the back of the the unit along with my plasma interface cable so they sent me an inline filter as a replacement in place of the original and I purchased a new cable. My problem now is this. I forgot to drain my filter and the other day the torched stopped working and when I took the tip off the torch there was compressor oil inside. I cleaned everything up and made a few test cuts and the torch stopped again because it was clogged with oil. I cleaned the filter again and replaced all the consumables but i'm still getting oil. How can I blow that oil out of the torch cable itself or should I just keep cleaning it out until no more oil is present.


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