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PTM-80 Torch

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PTM-80 Torch

Post by KIDTech » Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:09 pm

What are some of your thoughts, buy a machine torch for my Longevity or keep saving for a Hypertherm. I can get the torch for <$300.
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Re: PTM-80 Torch

Post by grindergary » Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:02 pm

I'm biased but save for a Hypertherm. I have a 105 and a 85 and would not trade it for anything else.

Just my 2 cents

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Re: PTM-80 Torch

Post by ForceDesigns » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:58 am

The hypertherm is no doubt a better option. But that being said I run a PTM-60 on my Razorcut 45. I love it. The consumables are a fraction of the cost and last pretty good if you get the higher end ones, Tecmo. That being said, I am considering the 45XP more and more every day and plan to make the decision before the end of the year.
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