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Everlast 60S CNC connector (reply from CandCNC

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Everlast 60S CNC connector (reply from CandCNC

Postby ostie01 » Sat May 03, 2014 4:28 pm

This is a reply I received from Candcnc about the Everlast Plasma 60s.

What I bought is the MP3500 Ethercut

I will pass this to our Customer Service dept but you first need to e-mail us direct and give us a valid shipping address and contact information that is best NOT posted on an open list. The 12 pin connector is non-standard in the US and Canada. You should carefully verify the signals BEFORE you hook it up to the PWM module. We have several that damaged the PWM because the pinout did not match the diagram or the user mis-wired the connector. It is my understanding that newer Longevity and EverLast units now use a standard 14 pin connector and that the internal voltage divider actually works. Unfortunately the 14 pin connector is not wired the same as the Hypertherm and TD 14 pin connectors so our stock cables won't work. We have not been able to personally verify either version.

I know the 60S have a 12 pins connectors

Should I be worry about that, will begin the built in a couple of weeks

Thanks, Jeff

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Re: Everlast 60S CNC connector (reply from CandCNC

Postby suttoncnc » Sat May 03, 2014 8:37 pm

Hi Jeff,
You should be careful about wiring up your plasma cutter. I had the same conversation with Tom and CANDCNC when I bought my Longevity 42i a few months ago. They newer ones do have a 14 pin connector but they are not wired up the same as a Hypertherm. So you will have to do what I did and meter out each pin from the plasma cutter and and wire it up according to the CANDCNC literature. After talking to Tom I purchased the MIC-01 cable and rewired it for my specific plasma cutter. I do not know about the Everlast brand but my Longevity does have a fully functional voltage divider output that is very stable as viewed in Mach. From my understanding some of the import models damaged the control electronics of the THC, so far I have not seen any evidence of this in the 42i and all is well.


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Re: Everlast 60S CNC connector (reply from CandCNC

Postby ostie01 » Sat May 03, 2014 11:57 pm

I bought this plasma cutter maybe a month ago, I was not aware of the 14 pins connector.

I have the pin out diagram of the connector in the manual but I will do what you said and check every pin with a DVM.

So you fired up the plasma and check for voltage at each pin? Full voltage should read ?

The CandCNC PWM module can accept 1:16v by setting a jumper.

The plasma cutter can output 1:16v by setting a jumper too.

I also bought the NSC-01 for a 12 pins connector.

Thanks for your time, really appreciated


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