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Everlast Plasma problem

Post by KoenigCNC » Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:42 pm

I have a Everlast 80 Amp plasma that I have fitted to a cnc table. The pilot are is not working when I trigger the torch I hear the relay kick in but no spark. When I stop the torch I get the post flow air then it shuts off new consumables, Swirl ring shield and electroid. No Blown fuses I am running it with a 80 Amp machine torch with good clean air pressure. I can scratch start the torch then quickly jog it up and cut by jogging the torch around the part.

Took it apart nothing apparently disconnected or burnt inside the case. Shipping back to everlast is a long painful expensive process and the machine is not worth it. It has been repaired by them before when it failed within 10 days of getting it and it has never run well. It part of a machine that is being donated to a program that helps at risk teens develop job skills. The CNC Table is working well but the Everlast has failed. Anyone with any possible ideas to fix it please respond


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Re: Everlast Plasma problem

Post by yseguy » Sat Sep 28, 2019 11:02 pm

I know you probably figured it out by now but just in case someone else is having this issue heres what caused it on my 60s. To start the arc the electrode needs to be able to slide freely 8n the torch body. The lower part of the machine torch that houses this slide mechanism is made of plastic and if your torch holder clamps it too tightly it will not allow it to slide and youll get the relay click, the air flow but no arc. Try loosening or moving the position of the clamp and make sure the electrode slides with little to no resistance

Adam Seidon
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Re: Everlast Plasma problem

Post by Adam Seidon » Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:09 pm

Hi My name is Adam. I have an Everlast 60 also, I never thought of that. I will check it out. I have another problem, I am having with trouble hooking up the auto metal sensing. So the torch will raise automatically when the metal starts to warp from cutting. I tried to talk to Plasma Cam techs but they are no help. and Everlast tech have not had enough experience with Plasma Cam. I can be contacted by phone 941-350-8996 or email [email protected]
Thank You
Adam Seidon
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Re: Everlast Plasma problem

Post by Rodw » Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:32 am

Adam, I had a 50s, that is not an Everlast problem. Unfortunately, I'm like your Everlast Tech. I have no experience with Plasmacam!
Everlast have their faults but their voltages do not behave any different really to my Thermal Dynamics A120 (other than my 50s was single phase and the voltage was a bit noiser, but not enough that it could not track torch voltages).

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