fastcut cnc,sheetcam question

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fastcut cnc,sheetcam question

Post by jackleg007 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:53 pm

hi all.first i must say that this is a phenomenal website...loads of information for new and old alike,it appears.hats off to the folks who created and maintain the site.

i am a newbie here and am finding tons of informative reading .i just got my first table setup.its a fastcut cnc icon elite 4x8 downdraft.powermax 85 cutter.using sheetcam and mach 3.

i am playing around with some of the free files found on this site(thanks for that).i am having an issue with the cuts not being finished,so i have to manually finish some of the seems to be just a very small piece that does not get cut at the end of the cut,as if the torch shuts off a split second early,although,i did find a few that were as long as 1/2 inch.

i am assuming this is a software thing.i have looked at the dxf,and the cut file(.tap)and the lines appear to be complete.has anyone had any similar problems,or have any suggestions that might shed some light on this problem.

the fastcut crew is awesome to deal with.and the table seems to be very well engineered and built,and am very happy with the equipment.i havent had a chance to talk to russ at fastcut yet,just thought i might be able to figure this out before i bothered them.thanks in advance to everyone who can help.

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