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Touch-off and no movement

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Touch-off and no movement

Post by turnemd » Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:24 pm

I have this crappy Burn Tables table. I was able to run it for about 6 months using fine cut consumables and a huge learning curve figuring out the software , replacing the torch holder several times along with the limit switch being crushed, I finally ran with limited user problems. Then out of the blue, all it would do is come down and touch off the plate then fire, but not move anywhere. The torch would remain firing for the time you would think it should take for the cut, but stayed in the pierce hole and not move. I would get the flashing error on the screen in the THC area. I thought it might be a bad consumable so I changed out the consumable and still same issue. Called BT and they had me try this and that and then told me that the table can't use fine cut consumables. I put the 65 Amp cut tips back in, ran their test part and low and behold it did not fix the issue. I called back and tried their fixes including disconnecting the power from everything and letting it sit for 5 minutes, I even went as far as going form 8 ft ground rods to 10 ft ground rods and upping the wire size, and was told to ship my THC back for testing. They said they found some issues and repaired them charging me $250 dollars for parts and labor to fix it. I got it back and it still does the same thing. I call them back and wind up shipping both the PC and THC back for testing and again are charged $250 dollars diagnostic fee to be told it works fine in their shop. I get everything back and it is still doing the same thing. I have had this machine for 3 years now and still only got to use it 6 months. Does anyone know where I can go to get some kind of real help with this thing? If i turn off the THC the torch moves down about and inch and follows the cut path but does not fire the torch nor raise and lower it to the material. Am I missing something somewhere that I can run the system without the THC and just set my height manually? It is the standard BT system Mach3 and CAD setup. It has the 65Amp Hyper therm torch mate on a 5x10 table.

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Re: Touch-off and no movement

Post by tcaudle » Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:52 pm

MACH3 needs to get an "Arc Okay" to release motion Just disable the THC in MACH and it should do all of the moves (touch off, pierce, move to cut height etc. unless the THC is somehow in charge of those settings. Do they have an ARC OK indicator on the screen? How about a DELAY LED (that indicates the motion is holding. I don't know how much of their pierce and cut cycle is controlled by MACH (via G-Code) and how much is dependent on the THC they have.

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