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ShopSabre CNC

Post by SCHIDTHEAD » Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:59 pm

I have to honestly say that going with ShopSabre's gantry kit was the best decision I think I could have ever made when I decided to go with a gantry kit. I had my table completey designed and planned to begin building from the legs all the way to the THC when I just happened across their website. After looking at every other table and gantry kit out there, there was one or more things I just didn't like about the other table Mfg's out there when, low and behold, I found they built their table with the same components I wanted to use for drives and linear guides. Jim, Ben and Jason have been exceptional to work with. My questions are always answered and if not, we dont hang up the phone until they are; nor can I say I have ever had to wait for an answer. I can't boast enough about their support. After a year, my controller and THC interface was upgraded with new hard and software with no charge to me. They are a fantastic company to do business with. Jim has put together a winning team and a GREAT product.
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Re: ShopSabre CNC

Post by quadboy » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:28 am

Boy that's good to here, getting real close to ordering up.

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