LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

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LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

Post by BrianJames » Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:19 pm

Hi. I have a LDR machine on order with deposit and invoice, and I hate to bother Dan and Tim for trivial questions.
It's 5x10 Plaz with plate marker. Powermax85-installed.
My query is building power supply. I picked up a Quincy QT5 compressor. But I may need an electrician to visit.
I have a couple legs of 240V, but not sure of the breakers I'd need.
Last thing I want to do is fry something.
I also mig weld,(Miller 252,212) but I cant weld and cut at once.
Any safe advice for the Quincy and Hypertherm 85? Or any other advise for a new AirplaZ owner? Mind you, I do have 5 years HiDef 3 Phase plaz exp at work....This is a big investment for me at home. Thanks!

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Re: LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

Post by jimcolt » Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:08 am

I can speak about the Powermax85 (I work for Hypertherm and have had a Powermax85 in my home shop for close to 7 years). My shop has a 100 amp 230 volt single phase entrance panel. I have a Kellogg - American compressor (80 gallon receiver, 230 volt single phase motor that draws 27 amps). My largest Mig Welder (Millermatic 250) draws about 45 amps when cranked up for most output power. My Powermax85 (specs from the operators manual) draws about 60 amps when operated on a 230 to 240 volt input line when cutting 3/4" steel.

So....add in other power draw (angle grinder, shop lights, heat (mine is a propane hot air heater), etc.). My shop is almost always staffed by just me (hobby) and so the Miller welder may be idling while plasma cutting (very low amperage draw) so I am always under the maximum 100 amp rating for my shop.

My lighting is fluorescent.....which I am slowly switching over to LED tubes (lower current, brighter light, no flickering). The fluorescent lights flicker a bit when the compressor starts....always annoying, the LED's do not!

Keep in mind that with the plasma (welder too) that when you cut or weld thicker, the unit will draw more power. When I cut at 45 amps on 10 gauge steel with the Powermax85 the actual draw in the 230 volt input line is around 30 amps. Switch to 1/4" steel with the same 45 amp cut power setting and monitor the input line draw and you will see an increase to about 35 amps input. Since the Powermax85 is factory rated for production on 3/4" steel, that is where the suggested circuit size of 60 amps (when on single phase 230 volt power) is rated. If you choose to cut the maximum severance thickness (at 85 cutting amps) (edge start only on material thicker than 3/4") of 1-1/2" thickness....you would see the inlet power amperage jump to as much as 98 amps with the Powermax85.
So.....I have had my home shop with the cnc machine and Powermax85 running on its own 60 amp circuit breaker from my 100 amp panel for years....never once tripped the breaker. Most of my cutting is 1/2" or less, once in a great while 3/4", and a few times in the 1 to 1-1/4" range....again, never an issue in my slow paced hobby shop. If I was a production shop with the same equipment and 2 or more people operating this equipment I would probably need at least a 150 amp panel in my shop.....even better 200 amps.

Hope this gives you a bit of an idea in regards to shop power. Feel free to ask if you have specific questions, and I'm sure Dan will pop in with comments as well! Jim Colt Hypertherm

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Re: LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

Post by see&see » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:22 pm


If you know your wire size and distance from the your building main panel you can calculate amperage available and balance that with the machines you will be able to run at the same time. Keep in mind the air compressor can require six times the in-rush current to spin up the motor when starting using single phase 2 legs at 240 volts but that's only for a second or so. The chart below is a good reference for load vs wire size & type calculations.

http://www.calculator.net/voltage-drop- ... &x=63&y=13
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Re: LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

Post by dhelfter » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:13 am

Call or email anytime, you are not a bother! Our machine requires 120 volt 20 amp circuit. This should be used to power the computer, control box, monitor and port hub all from a power strip.
As for plasma powering, Jim covered it well. I have emailed you the manual for the powermax, which is also available via hypertherms website. It covers electrical requirements.


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Re: LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

Post by KIDTech » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:32 pm

You have a great resource with Dan, he always gets me going again.
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Re: LDR Home/Farm Based Shop Prep. New Costomer

Post by M5METALS » Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:10 am

Thanks for the replies. We are very excited for delivery. Hopefully I can be up and running quickly.
Done a lot of research and shopping around. I think I made a good choice.
Been practicing the sheetcam demo as my Hidef experience was different softwares.
Another hope I have is to do most of the desk work in the house and use a usb stick to load the jobs. The shop is across the road and not ideal for drafting and art file creating.

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