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LDR Plasma Table Used-Okanagan BC Canada

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LDR Plasma Table Used-Okanagan BC Canada

Post by 14u2cnc » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:40 am

I recently purchased a USED 5x10 LDR plasma table with air bladder system. It has the scribe option as we as it came with the rotary pipe cutter which sets up alongside the table. And it also included the Router option and a Hypertherm PMX 85. By the time I paid for table and had it shipped from Kingston to the Okanagan it was a small fortune in my books. After comparing the build quality in photos LDR was an obvious choice. I work for a company that sells Plasma tables and opted to buy a used LDR because of the quality...and the canadian dollar$$$ exchange

I have had this table for about a month now sitting in my shop. I have spoke with Dan a few times and he has helped me with a few issues I have had. Its unfortunate that I could not afford to purchase direct from LDR a brand new table and then perhaps not have to dial up Dan as it would run perfect right off the truck upon delivery. Not so as I am still struggling working out the bugs from a previous owner. Torch Height control is new to me so I have allot to learn I am sure. I will continue to read and test and hopefully get this table fully functional soon. I have watched Dan's videos and resolved a few glitches, I am currently researching why the torch fires and lifts right away...need to do some more reading.

But the reason for this post is to let anyone that is considering an LDR table know if they need to physically look and feel this table I would be willing to show you if it helps Dan make some sales. Least I can do to contribute and make up for not buying a new table direct. West coast central BC interior is where table is located.

Have a great day
LDR 5x10 table
Hypertherm PM 85

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Re: LDR Plasma Table Used-Okanagan BC Canada

Post by dhelfter » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:51 am

Torch height control is not as complicated as it first appears :)
I would recommend first cutting something with THC off. If machine does not function properly without thc, thc is not going to "fix" anything.
Once that is done, and you are able to cut without issue, the next step is turn THC on.
The thing to remember with THC is it just compares an actual voltage to a preset voltage and moves the head to make them match. If the actual volts is lower than preset, torch raises. If actual is higher than preset head lowers.
Quick sequence of troubleshooting:
1. cut with no thc. Fix any issue you have now before you proceed.
2. turn thc on, load a program generated with book specs as for voltage, pierce height, pierce delay, and feedrate.
3. load material for which above program was generated.
4. Verify correct consumables are installed in plasma unit for material program was written for. Also verify plasma cutter is set at the amperage for those consumables.
5. make sure you have a good work clamp connection and air is on to plasma cutter
6. cut part with thc on.
7. do not watch the torch, watch the screen. The torch volts and the preset volts should match. If they do, and torch is to high or low, the thc is actually doing its job, we now need to identify why the voltage is way off. 90% of the time it is an incorrect setting in the program for material and consumables being used.
You may not be getting any voltage feedback, which will cause torch to raise.

Run these tests and shoot me an email or call.

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Re: LDR Plasma Table Used-Okanagan BC Canada

Post by ttysmf » Mon Feb 28, 2022 8:50 pm

Thanks for posting on the quality service you have received from Dan. This kind of reputation and goodwill deserves more business.

Assuming I can afford it... Dan will get mine!


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