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Re: Star lab plasma table

Post by urshadow » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:52 pm

Just a question..Starlabs is one of the tables I'm looking at. What are your thoughts on it since you've had it

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Re: Star lab plasma table

Post by djreiswig » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:02 pm

Sorry, not close so I can't help you with the training.

urshadow-I've had a starlab since 2014. The table is very solidly built. Mine has a controller that uses Mach3, so if you bought one now it would be different. They use Linux based CommandCNC now. No experience with that.
Matt at Bulltear is a great guy. When I got my table I was really inexperienced. He took my calls at and answered my e-mails odd times and helped me work through my self inflicted issues. Give him a call, I'm sure he would be glad to answer your questions.
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Re: Star lab plasma table

Post by motoguy » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:44 pm

Very happy with my 6x12 Starlab table. Started with Windows/Mach, upgraded to Linux/CommandCNC.

I currently have a brand-new 50' duramax torch on my table, which belongs to Matt. I've been having 0-30 issues with my Hypertherm, and he sent this torch as a way for me to troubleshoot the issue. He said "if it doesn't fix the issue, send it back. If it does fix the issue, consider buying it from me, since you'll need one anyway."

I'm not sure that would be done for everyone, but I don't think you can beat that for customer service.
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Re: Star lab plasma table

Post by BTA Plasma » Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:50 am

Xwelder ultimately sold his machine to a new owner who is very happy with it. He had bad settings in the CAM portion we discovered with the new owner. He brought his table to our facility and we went through it with him and got him trained and his settings fixed before he sold it but ultimately I think he got in to trouble with very little PC knowledge. But I think in the world of CNC plasma the lure is that you can cut all your dreams without ever loading a sheet, running a compressor or doing any after cut prep work. Often times even sales literature make it look like the parts come off the machine painted. Or that just by owning a machine your going to gain a handful of money. The learning curve does not have to be dramatic. And we outfit every machine now with training videos covering the basics and more advanced features.

In all of the experience we have here we find there is more profit in structures and art than there is in just simple parts. Some of our customers make $900 a hour with unlimited need for their plasma cut parts. Some use plasma as a secondary operation in the most industrial applications and some use the machines as a way to make a living producing art and or parts. The uses are enormous and the rapid speed of which you get a part off a machine can really be a game changer.

Software has not gotten to the level of waving your hand either to make your dreams come true though. All modern CNC plasma software interfaces are either letting you tweak every single portion of the cut or locking you out and you get what you get. Both types can have compromises and both styles can work. We put the winning edge on the software interface we use with the ability to use CAM to its fullest (Sheetcam or Pronest). On one hand you just cut and deal with the aftermath and on the other type of software you can tweak your settings out of whack enough to frustrate. CommandCNC has evolved to be really good control software when used with good CAM settings and post processor. The CAM is what will direct the actual cut. The rest is in how you set up the machine. If the machine has gone through rigorous tests (Which testing has evolved here quite a bit) then it has a good chance of making it through shipping. In the case there is shipping damage we carry spare parts and take care of that portion right away. The vast majority of Star Lab owners do not seem to partake in social or online media or are mostly silent. There are around 100 (give or take) that do enjoy sharing and helping. We take in all the customers experience and work fast to evolve to a pleasant experience. That is what folks are wanting an outstanding machine for a great price.

If you have any questions please contact us directly we will gladly answer any question you have. 1-855-433-3689

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