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First Table 5x10 NEWBIE!

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First Table 5x10 NEWBIE!

Post by snugglylovemuffin » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:50 pm

Hey guys, Started this table about a year ago and it's finally coming close to it's completion!

I'll walk you guys a bit through the specs.
Eastwood Versacut40 plasma cutter
Currently running NEMA 23's on a direct GT2 belt drive (I'll explain)
DM542A Drivers
Mesa 7196 Controller (in the mail)
Proma 150 THC (also in the mail)
Z axis is an openbuilds 250mm c-beam linear actuator (not currently installed as I mount the floating torch/ohmic sensor)
Frame is comprised of 2x4 tube w/ 1/2" (IIRC) angle on edge with steel v-wheels & 2x2 tube legs.

I'll be running linuxcnc 2.8 (Master) from an old laptop. I've tried to make the controller as plug and play as possible, I'd like to integrate an ohmic sensor ASAP.

Okay so, let's address the obvious... Why is there such a mish-mash of decent equipment and crap equipment.
Let's just say "be careful who you go into business with"; partner basically pulled his funding for equipment like rack and pinion, linear rails...etc. leaving me to compromise on belt drive and v-wheels... and then complained that it didn't look sturdy enough... </rant> This also explains the layout of the table.

I'm resolved that the next plasma table will be well designed and implemented and represent good value.

I'm looking forward to working with you all, learning a lot and hopefully paying the favour forward. Because my table isn't currently running, the first order of business is learning.

I'm in the middle of fabricating a gate, some parts of which are covering the table.

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