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plasma cam no more, Arclight now.

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plasma cam no more, Arclight now.

Post by wyopower » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:59 am

I had bought a used plasma cams table. 1st one i bought used, when i called plasma cam to order parts, they said it would be a 500.00 registration charge before i was allowed to buy parts for it.
DId not make me happy, but did it.
table was ok, but plasma cam company was greedy and tech support was barely ok.

About 2015 bought a burn table. Table was good, ran ok, but TECH SUPPORT WAS 1 800 INDIA. Any time you needed tech support, you called, and tech guy was never available, i mean never. He had old answering machine with beep, you leave message and in 1 to 3 days he called you back.
Also the burn table software was very, very hard to use, not simple enough for me. Im a older guy.

This time i up graded to NEW arc light 4x8 table, Before i bought one, i FIRST called tech support. I was shocked, they actually ANSWERED THE PHONE the first time. and answered all my questions. THIS IS WHY I WENT WIth Arclight. NO MORE 1 800 india again. They have better trained help.
When your paying 20k out for bells and whistles and table. you really do not want to talk to guy, that last week was working at pizza hut, and this week he is selling plasma tables.

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Re: plasma cam no more, Arclight now.

Post by tnbndr » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:36 am

Smart move, you won't regret the Arclight. They were my second choice after LDR.
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Re: plasma cam no more, Arclight now.

Post by rdj357 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:55 am

Best of luck. Glad you found a good fit for yourself. I'm not sure buying an old table will net you the same customer service experience with a company that buying a new one so the comparison and thread title is a bit misleading. But still, I hear good things about Arclight and hope you love it and it makes you lots of money because that's what matters!
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