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Starting to get frustrated with build-almost there

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Starting to get frustrated with build-almost there

Post by prainma2006 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:32 pm

Hey All, newb here, bought a setup off Ebay and finally over a few weeks have it all ready to start I thought, but keep running into snags.

Plasma setup is Hypertherm 45, machine interface cable, PriceCNC THC, and all electronics are Chinese.

This setup was initially supposed to be ohmic sensing, but found out that PriceCNC only works with floating head, so waiting on that from the company I bought this from. Owner of the company has been working with me, but doesn't always get back to me in a timely manner, especially over the weekend, which is when I normally have time to try to get this up and running.

So I have THC installed, but not on, I have created a little train drawing for my son(.tap), and did a dry run today without the torch, function test sat, torch light came on when it was supposed to fire, machine moved with program as it should. Try to start the first run, as I reset the red rest button on Mach 3 for emergency stop active, torch fired. I have pins 3,4 (start plasma) from the interface cable connected to the switch symbol plugs on the BOB, but it does not switch as it should. after the one time it fired, my 45 indicators blank, the lightening looking one and the thermometer on, looked it up in the manual, shows that machine is faulting out due to turning it on with the trigger signal engaged(on). I grabbed my multimeter and checked resistance across the switch(relay) on the BOB and when you reset the emergency stop active, it immediately goes to a closed switch, and tries to fire the torch. I did disconnect the torch from the bob, the 45 cleared it faults. Also while taking resistance readings, with the emergency stop off(reset) I tried turning the torch on/ torch off from Mach 3, and it did not change the reading, it remained a short(switch closed).

Where do you guys get your torch on signal from?

Thanks for any help. I have attached a pic of the BOB, THC setup and connection, and the HT 45 interface connections.

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