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Y axis bad when torch fires

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Y axis bad when torch fires

Postby burns cnc art » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:43 pm

Just finishing up my build and having some issues. I have CandCNC Ethercut Plazpac ,DTHVIV, with Feather Touch purchased this year. Also have the Candcnc computer and software. The problem I'm having is the Y axis runs great up until the torch fires. Then you hear the ratcheting sound. I have tried running it in manual and manually firing the torch with the same results. It runs great until the torch fires. It will run the gcode test pattern I made with no problem as long as I turn the Hypertherm off. swapped the Y with A (slave) at the control box and the problem stayed with the motor.
I have it grounded per the instructions, I have moved grounds , added grounds, and I have everything unhooked now and just using the z axis switch to touch off . I am definitely stuck ! I know its a noise issue but I just can not figure out where. The motors all sound great even running a 600 ipm when the torch is off.
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