Sharpe 6760 3-Stage Air Filter & Dryer

Sharpe 6760 3-Stage Air Filter & Dryer



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The Sharpe 6760 is a 3-stage air filtration & desiccant drying system which will ensure clean, dry compressed air is being supplied to your plasma cutter. The 1st stage will eliminate raw water and contaminants down to 3 micron's in size, the 2nd stage will eliminate oil vapor and contaminants down to 1 micron in size, and the 3rd stage will eliminate the remaining humidity in your air supply. This is all you need to protect your plasma cutter, improve cut quality, increase consumable life, & reduce many of the frustrations new plasma operators are faced with.

Automatic float operated drains are contained within the 1st and 2nd stage which will automatically drain the liquid contents of each canister when the air pressure is relieved from the system. The 3rd stage is a high capacity desiccant canister which contains 5lbs of Sharpe color changing desiccant. A site glass is installed in stage 3 allowing the operator to visually see when the desiccant has changed color, indicating it is time to replace or regenerate the desiccant material. Desiccant can be regenerated & reused many times by simply drying it in an oven.

An ON/OFF ball valve is included to disconnect the system from your air supply to evacuate the automatic drains, and an adjustable pressure regulator complete pressure gauge is included allowing you to adjust and view the output pressure of your Sharpe dryer. This all in one system is everything you need and should be installed as far from your compressor outlet as possible and close to the plasma cutter for best performance.

-Stage 1 Inlet Size: 1/2" NPT

-Stage 3 Outlet Size: 1/2" NPT reduced to 3/8" NPT for regulator installation

-Regulator Outlet Size: 1/4" NPT

-Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI

-Maximum Temperature: 150ºF

-Maximum Air Flow Capacity: 30 CFM

-Stage 1 Filter Size: 3 Micron

-Stage 2 Filter Size: 1 Micron

-Desiccant Capacity: 5 LBS