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Small’s, larges or jobs...

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Small’s, larges or jobs...

Postby whiskeymike » Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:55 pm

Looking to increase sales and I’m curious if you guys are doing best with smalls, larges, or custom jobs. I’d categorize smalls as smaller items, say less than a $100-$150 could be art, functional,etc.. cut in quantities, larges might be bigger items like fire rings/BBQ, tools, etc.. and jobs would be custom jobs cut to order like parts for a farmer, signs or specific art for one time sale.

I have a day job so this is nights and weekends and trying to figure out if I should focus on making things in quantity, or things with more fab, or potentially custom work. Trying to balance profitability and labor related to working with customer, sales, etc...

So what’s working for you best?

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