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Tracker plasma table experiences

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Tracker plasma table experiences

Postby rz500 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:57 am

I have been very pleased with my tracker CNC table . It was purchased a couple years ago now and still works hard without missing a beat. I have purchased allot of equipment and have never dealt with a better sales and tech support team. The software is a little dated now but does not limit me in any way. I appreciate the simplicity of it. The learning curve was very minimal and with the help of Justin @ Tracker I was cutting beautiful parts the same day I assembled the thing.

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Re: CNC Plasma Machine Poll & User Comments

Postby etgainey » Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:58 pm

I also own a Tracker CNC. I have been extremely pleased with this machine. It was easy to assemble and the customer support from Justin has been outstanding. I would highly reccommend a Tracker for a first time purchase.
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Re: Tracker plasma table experiences

Postby FerrousWorm » Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:14 pm

I bought a Pro Table 48 x 96 that was a demo unit used in some TV shows. Tracker was easy to deal with and helpful. Cutting software is not that difficult to understand and works well. Design of the table with drop sides all around makes it easy to position very thick or thin material. The light weight gantry with two motors is great for my application that frequently includes 22 gauge steel and fast cutting speeds.

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