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Hypertherm pierce delay after first pierce?

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Hypertherm pierce delay after first pierce?

Postby Turboedgs » Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:59 pm

In the testing process to isolate the my THC up jump problem that is present on my machine I also found out that the Hypertherm Powermax 65 unit will fire its first pierce in the g-code simultaneously to the first M3 torch on command
but delays for ~2.0 seconds on all pierce commands after the first.

This isn't an issue regarding Mach or the MP3000 THC I am running but seems to be related to the air solenoid in the Hypertherm unit. I would be curious to know if other powermax users see the same delay on the second, third,? pierce.

I believe this is do to the auto cool down and the toggle of the pneumatic solenoid going from cold to hot. It is an audible delay, as you can hear the valve click over from cold to hot. I clocked the delay on my system @ ~2.0 sec.

The first fix that comes to mind is to edit the post processor in Sheet cam to add ~2.0 seconds to any pierce delay after the initial pierce.

Any other ideas?


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Re: Hypertherm pierce delay after first pierce?

Postby jimcolt » Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:05 pm

There is not 2 second delay built into the Powermax65 or 85. There is a very slight (maybe 200 milisecond) delay when the torch is in the air flow has to stop and the torch must refire....but it is nowhere near 2 seconds.

Try firing the torch with a switch (pushbutton) directly on the it once and then release the will hear postflow.....push the button again during the postflow and the torch will fire almost immediately.

If it does not fire for 2 me directly and I can help you troubleshoot.

Update: I was curious about the actual time difference between the original firing of a Powermax65/85 torch and when you fire it during the post cooling flow. For the original start there is a slight delay of about 100 to 200 milliseconds (varies with torch lead length) as it takes a while for pressure to build at the torch. When the start signal for the plasma is activated during post flow (cooling flow that occurs after each cut cycle for about 10 seconds), the air flow is shut off at the power supply solenoid, it takes a few milliseconds for the air pressure in the torch to drop close to zero, which allows the spring loaded electrode to contact the nozzle....then the solenoid is reactivated to start the process. Our engineers tell me that during post flow a system with 25' torch leads takes 400 miliseconds to fire (after the start signal is active), and with a 75' torch lead can take 900 miliseconds.

Most cnc plasma machines use the arc transferred output from the plasma (contact closure between pins 12 and 14 on the interface plug) to indicate the arc has transferred before the part program progresses beyond the plasma start command. If you are just relying on a timer between the issuing of the start signal and the start of machine motion....then there will be differences that can cause cut quality issues with most plasma systems.

Jim Colt [email protected]

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Re: Hypertherm pierce delay after first pierce?

Postby Turboedgs » Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:58 am


Thanks for the reply.

Here is what I know and how I have been testing:

1) I move the torch out over the material, no g-code in Mach.

2) I perform a touch off (ref z home)

3) Move the torch off the material to the pierce height of .15?

4) Fire the torch using the Torch On/OFF button on my Mach screen.

5) I perform a .5 -1.0 second pierce then turn off the torch. This first torch fire happens at the same time toggle the on/off button on my screen.

6) I then drive the torch over about two inches (the torch is in cool down)

7) Fire the torch again and I can clock about a 1.5 ? 2.0 second delay between the torch fire button click and the actual fire of the plasma on the second, third, fourth?.pierce

The delay was first notice when I saw the torch move from pierce height to cut height before the torch made the arc. The torch would fire during the move from pierce to cut height.

When running through a g-code program, the first piece is triggers (M3) and I see an simultaneous arc with that command. The following line of code is the pierce delay command followed by the move to cut height command. This torch on, pause, move to cut sequence is fine for the first piece but on all pieces commands following there is a delay, on my plasma.

The delay is happens with code or without, machine fire or manual fire.

My torch lead is 50ft.

I have the Powermax set to auto mode

65A consumables with 65 amps set on the machine

135 psi air going into the Powermax from my compressor

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Re: Hypertherm pierce delay after first pierce?

Postby maddocks520 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:17 pm

Did you find the solution for this issue? I am having the same problem

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