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Post question DTHC

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Post question DTHC

Postby djreiswig » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:28 pm

I was cutting a large circle today and noticed that the TCH didn't turn on. The plate I am using is warped so I manually turned it on. Later I went back and looked at the post. I started with the 11j post, but made some changes. I noticed that there is code in the OnMove for the THC but not the OnArc. I believe OnMove is for straight cuts only. Then I got to thinking, would the THC ever turn on if the part being cut had no straight moves? I'm thinking not. Not that this would usually happen, but if the first cut is a big circle, wouldn't you want THC?
I copied the THC code into OnArc and now am getting the commands in the gcode.
Someone tell me what is wrong with my thinking.

Cross posted here, but I haven't gotten any replies. ... 52&p=11250

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