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post porcessor for torchmate cad running mach3

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tm america
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post porcessor for torchmate cad running mach3

Postby tm america » Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:41 am

I purchased torchmate cad to use with my mach3 driven plasma table...And torchmate didn't have a clue what to use as a post processor? The one they have will write g code but not a g code that will trigger the torch of and on?..So i tried pretty much everything and still no luck till i came across CAD2plasma..The guy who makes this is a lifesaver... After spending 900+ on torchmate cad only to find out it doesn't work with my machine it was nice to find CAd2 plasma is the missing link and at just 50 bucks it was a great fix for the issue.With CAD2 plasma you can edit g code or pick your commands for triggering the torch on..You can set feedrate and torcheight in CAD2plasma as well.When you buy it you get the setup for plasma,milling,and lathe.. I have been using it for a little over a year and as of now have had no issues ..I love the torchmate cad . but was let down with the way they just blew me off like it wasn't their problem after they had my money..Just figured i would let people know there is a simple fix to this issue..

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