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copyright or trade mark question?

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copyright or trade mark question?

Postby Zippo » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:09 am

Awhile back i bought a electronic lot at an estate auction, wanted the cables and wiring, but also in was this Silicon Graphic purple German computer(lead and cast by the weight of it) and all these floppy discs, diskettes and homemade CD's. Well i found a gold mine on the floppies , diskettes and cd's over 6000 dwg, dwf, and dxf files. Have opened some of the properties and looked can not find any trade names or such and got the computer up only problem is i dont read German which all the commands are in not sure how old this machine , some of the files are fairly new looking by designs. just wondering about using these files and copy rights . researched the machine it is a 3d graphics type believe 1993 model. Mainly wondering about any issues using the dxf's..... they are general ones of interest arts and crafts, country, contemporary, fantasy and modern designs

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Re: copyright or trade mark question?

Postby scrollerj » Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:03 pm

Tricky, but it would be a violation of copyright.

You bought the physical property, but not the intellectual property.

That will probably be the legal answer. If you make some projects for yourself, I doubt the FBI would knock on your door. If you got them together and tried to sell the designs, someone would probably identify them and sue. It would be hard to find the original designer and ask for permission.

I am anxious to hear from others, but pretty sure that is the case.

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Re: copyright or trade mark question?

Postby SignTorch Vector Art » Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:09 pm

If there is an original vendor floppy or CD of the graphical content, it is safe to assume the former owner's license and rights (to use, not distribute) are transferred to the purchaser.

If there is no indication of ownership status, then use at your own risk, should be safe as long as you don't publish (or share) it.

That is a high end graphics/cad computer from 1993, I can't imagine anyone using it these days. Does it still have the original operating system or windows?

I'd be curious what are the dates on the graphical content, like when was the last time anyone actually used the computer and worked with DXF files. And what CAD software might be on it. Could have autocad 10, 11, or 12 possibly.

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