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Plasmacam 98Z software and manual

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Plasmacam 98Z software and manual

Postby liquidcooled » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:37 pm

First post to the forum.

I just got into metalworking in the last year or so on the side and have picked up a bunch of welding and other fabrication jobs. Had been looking at building a CNC plasma cutter myself anyways but I wound up picking up a used Plasmacam 98Z for basically nothing that needs a little TLC (Surface rust mostly). Previous owner said it worked when pulled but had been sitting for a few years and now the control box wouldn't jog the motors. He didn't get the PC with software with the machine and after doing some more research on this it seems to be the problem to me. PC required to move anything on the plasmcam it appears. I had planned on converting it to Mach3 and just using the frame and motors when I bought it but if I can get started with the older software that would be great. Long term plan is still to update to something newer long term with height control but I I can get started on this the better.

Basically does anyone know what up to what version of the old plasmcam software will work the 98Z?

Does anyone have a source for the old software, from what Im finding online plasmacam no longer sells it or supports it (I get not supporting it)?

Does anyone have a PDF of the manual for this machine?

Does anyone have part numbers for the bearings or belts on it.


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