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Pspider Sponsor Update - Knight Enterprises Inc.

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:55 am
by admin
Hey folks, I am excited to announce a new sponsor, Knight Enterprises Inc. You may already have seen their ad at the top of our pages. Knight is a manufacturer of plasma quench solutions for use in plasma torch, oxy–acetylene and M.A.P.P. gas metal cutting tables. A perfect fit for our forum and I know many members have inquired in the past as to where they could find such products. Knight has 3 products available, Plasma Quench 44 (liquid), Plasma Quench P-200 (powder), and a new product Plasma Quench Alu-Blue which is designed specifically for use when cutting aluminum. If you have a water table you should check them out at and see what they have to offer!

Knight Enterprises Inc.