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Hypertherm - PlasmaCam Compatability

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Hypertherm - PlasmaCam Compatability

Postby Jspece » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:12 pm

Looking to upgrade cutters from a cheapo cutter to a Hypertherm 45xp. Browsing online I see there is a CPC chord available for using the 45xp with a CNC table. I'm not exactly sure what a CPC chord is? I would like my new cutter to be compatible with a PlasmaCam table. From what I know about PlasmaCam your hand torch clamps on to the gantry. So I'm wondering if this CPC chord is something I need to invest in for use with the PlasmaCam table or not?

Thanks for educating a greenhorn! :D

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Re: Hypertherm - PlasmaCam Compatability

Postby djreiswig » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:27 pm

The CPC stands for Circular Plastic Connector. It is used to access the divided voltage as well as connections for firing the machine torch. I'm not sure what you would need to connect to a PlasmaCam table.
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Re: Hypertherm - PlasmaCam Compatability

Postby jimcolt » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:45 pm

Plasmacam recommends that you use a hand torch with Hypertherm systems and use the interface cord that is supplied with the Plasmacam machine. Mount the hand torch on Plasmacam's hand torch bracket, remove the cover from the 45XP power supply and make the connections internally (4 wires, requires cutting and resplicing 2 connections). So....if you plan to use the hand torch on a Plasmacam you must use their supplied cable and follow the directions that come with the Plasmacam for connections.

Hypertherm (and I) recommend using a machine torch for machine cutting. I have owned plasmacam tables for almost 17 years, and always have used a machine torch. To use a Powermax45 XP with a machine torch on a Plasmacam: 1. Be sure you order the 45 XP with the machine torch, if you do, the power supply will be equipped with the CPC interface port. 2. Order a machine torch mount (I suggest ), 3 Order a plug and play interface end plugs into the CPC port (no splicing needed) the other end plugs into the Plasmacam control box. These cables are available from . Either way works, the machine torch version costs more but will easily pay for itself over time with easier consumable changeout and inspection, better torch to plate perpendicularity, less chance of torch damage in the event of a collision with the plate being cut. Here is a pic of a Powermax machine torch on a Plasmacam :
new pics 013.jpg
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Re: Hypertherm - PlasmaCam Compatability

Postby Jspece » Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:42 pm

Thanks for the insight! Makes more sense now.

Was hoping you would chime in Jim. I've been watching your videos on Youtube. Very informative for the uninformed like myself!!

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