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Best air setup for plasma table

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:50 pm
by blucllrplt
Long time lurker, first time posting. Previous owner of a plasmacam (circa 2004) sold it in 2008 due to divorce and now have a place and $ to acquire another table. Building my own table with brains from CandCNC, hypertherm 85 with the RS485 port and a 5HP 2-stage air compressor.

Compressor is located in a separate room approx. 40 feet from the table location. Piping is 3/4” copper. Understanding that air quality is important, would a refrigerated air dryer in the compressor room be adequate or would a seperate filter dryer be recommended at the point of use?

Re: Best air setup for plasma table

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:11 am
by Euclid933
Have a search on here. There is a lot of advice on how to set up the air supply.
I have a refrigerated dryer after my compressor, that came with an inlet and outlet filter. It is sized for the maximum flow of my compressor, which is the smallest dryer available from my supplier. You can place it at point of use, if you like, just before the plasma.
I use JG (John Guest) 15mm push fit plastic pipe for my compressed air mains. I like it because it is easy to alter, and there is no rust / scale buildup in the pipe.
Just before the plasma unit, I have a Regulator + filter unit and a separate active carbon filter from Festo.
If you have the refrigerated next to the compressor in a small building, just watch the ambient temperature doesn't get too high.