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Any Cable boom ideas?

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Any Cable boom ideas?

Postby Probird » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:28 pm

Are they worth having?
Not sure which way to go, will a cable boom be a pain or do they actually work decent....
Anyone built one that works good?

I will be loading sheets with a forklift, so not worried about it being in the way.


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Re: Any Cable boom ideas?

Postby acourtjester » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:39 pm

I have installed wire booms an the table I built for the Plasma torch cable only. And for router AC power for a router or air supply for the scribe when switching the torch out.
I used carabiners attached to the cable/air lines to clip on the boom for easy changing. I found a spring and pivot is needed on the end so the boom will flip around when when changing directions. :)
cable boom assembly.JPG


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Re: Any Cable boom ideas?

Postby WyoGreen » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:08 pm

I use a cable boom to isolate my plasma cable from the rest of the cables in my table cable track. It's just a 10 foot length of 1" conduit bent to the appropriate shape. It's mounted on the middle of the side of my table, and ends in the middle of the table above the gantry. I welded a large washer on the conduit that rides on a ball bearing that is mounted on top of a slightly larger conduit that the 1" conduit goes through on the side of the table. This lets the boom swivel with very little effort. I don't have a picture of the setup right now, but it is somewhat similar to acourtjester's.

My feeling is the boom helps keep noise off the motor and control cables in the cable track.

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