Plasma table exhaust fan

$ 549.00

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PlasmaSpider Member: Copp3r
"Hey Folks, I recently purchased the Turbo Fan and while I was initially hesitant about dropping that much money on a fan, having put it in to use for the first time today all I can say is, WELL DONE ! I’m very impressed with the draw out of the bottom of my Plasma Cam table. Well worth the investment to be sure."

PlasmaSpider Member: jackleg007
"I purchased one of the 12" turbine fans from this site.the fan is fantastic,and literally eliminated all smoke from the cutter."
  • - This compact fan moves an incredible amount of air
  • - Galvanized steel housing with mounting base
  • - Operates on standard 115v 1ph 60hz Input Power
  • - 5' Power cord and plug for fast electrical hookup
  • - Easy installation onto any plasma table
  • - For downdraft or overhead applications
  • - Variable speed control available
  • - Flexible duct tubing available for easy installation
12" Exhaust Fan
Flow Rate 2000 cfm @ 0wg
Inlet/Outlet Diameter 12"
Overall Length 12.125"
Operating RPM 3375 rpm
Input Power 115v 1ph 60Hz
Amperage 4.1 amps @ 115vac 60Hz
Q: Is this large enough for my 4x8 or 5x10 plasma cutting table?
A: Yes, enclose the sides of your table, cover open areas of your cutting deck and this fan will create a strong draw and evacuate the smoke and fumes.

Q: What is the best way to cover open areas on my cutting deck and increase the effectiveness?
A: Welding curtain cut into 24" squares, or other partial sheets work very well.

Q: Should the fan be installed at the inlet or outlet end of the ventilation system?
A: The fan should be installed at the outlet end of your ventilation system.