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Steel FX - Steel Patinas & Finishes E-Book

Steel Patinas & Finishes introduces to the plasma-cutter, metal artisan or fabricator methods, chemical patinas, tricks & tips to achieve coloring, staining, patinas & special effects on steel and other metals. Methods and products used in the book utilize no heat, but instead rely on chemical reactions to bring out coppers, bronzes, golds, reds, blues, violets and blacks. With the Solvent Dyes now available at Steel F/X, any color or colors is possible and very easy to accomplish. Book has descriptive photos and links to website for further detailed examples of what can be achieved using these processes.

Learn About:

-Dross Removal Made Easy (Without Abrasives or Grinding!)
-Easy Mill-Scale Removal (15 minutes!)
-Steel Surface Preparation
-Sequencing of Chemicals
-Steel Patination Methods
-Instant Copper Plating
-Rusting Effects & Patterns
-Torch Blue Effects
-Bronzing Effects
-Highlights & Accents
-Step By Step Photos